Daily Bread: An Introduction

This book is a tribute to my mother and the millions of people who cope and have coped with a cancer diagnosis. A generous portion of the sales profits – at least 25% – will be donated to fund research conducted at NCI designated Cancer Centers for the prevention, early diagnosis, treatment, and cure of various forms of cancer.

I was raised to use the word “hate” sparingly, and never with a person or food as the object. But I can easily say I hate cancer. I know I am not alone. Each of us has been touched by this disease in one way or another.

Some of the recipes in this book reflect my French Canadian heritage. Others are favorites I developed or collected from friends and family over many years. A few require knowledge of some advanced cooking techniques, but most are easy to prepare. Although every recipe in this book has been “tested,” I usually do not measure too precisely unless I am baking. I taste along the way and add a bit of this or that so inevitably things do not always turn out the same as they did before.

My mother taught me that cooking is fun, not something to be anxious about. I hope you will apply that lesson and fill your kitchen and table with friends, good conversation, and laughter.